Man Arrested for DWI Twice in Two Weeks by Same Cop at Same Location

A Newark man displayed bad timing and bad judgement after he was arrested in the vicinity of the Holland Tunnel for DWI by a Port Authority officer who had arrested him on the same offense just two weeks earlier, authorities reported.

The most recent arrest took place at 4:15 am when Jose Guallpa-Bravo, aged 29, choose to drive his 2004 Hyundai which had a defective tail light.  Sources say the vehicle was spotted near the Holland Tunnel, in Jersey City, while crossing over a white solid line and swerving in traffic.

Rhett Peppi, a Port Authority Officer, followed Guallpa-Bravo’s vehicle and pulled the man over near the tunnel entrance at 14th street.  At that time, Peppi realized it was the same man he had arrested for DWI near the exact same location on May 13th.

It is reported that Guallpa-Bravo pleaded for “another chance” but instead was administered sobriety tests after the officer noticed the suspect’s red and glassy eyes.  Guallpa-Bravo failed the tests and was again arrested for DWI.