Attorney Thomas Jackson Completes Datamaster Training Seminar

Thomas Jackson has completed an intensive full day seminar on the intricacies of the Datamaster DMT (the breath test device utilized by the state of New York) by Charles James Rathburn, Jr. who is a DUI Defense Attorney and a court acknowledged expert on the DMT and breath testing.  Mr. Rathburn has had as much or more training on the DataMasters than any person outside of National Patent Analytical Systems, Inc. He has diagnosed and repaired DataMasters as part of his training and on his own BAC DataMaster and DataMaster DMT. 

This extensive seminar covered the basic operation of the machine, infrared spectroscopy, instrument calibration processes, and a live laboratory session with Mr. Rathburn.  Tom is excited to bring the knowledge gained from the seminar to the courtroom as he defends clients against DUI/drunk driving cases.