Press Release: Jackson Bergman Client Found Not Guilty

On November 14, 2014, in the Binghamton City Court, Daniel Riordan (D.O.B. 6/30/87), was found not guilty of the misdemeanor charge of Driving While Intoxicated.  Mr. Riordan was found guilty of a traffic infraction. 

The allegations were that Mr. Riordan had been intoxicated while driving his vehicle in the City of Binghamton.  The jury trial that started on Monday afternoon concluded with the not guilty verdict on the misdemeanor late this afternoon.  The trial was in front of Binghamton City Court Judge William C. Pelella, Mr. Riordan was defended by his attorney, Thomas D. Jackson Jr. of the Law Firm Jackson Bergman, LLP 477 State Street, Binghamton, New York. 

If convicted of the misdemeanor Mr. Riordan could have been sentenced to up to one year in the Broome County Jail.  Mr. Riordan was sentenced by Judge Pelella to a one year conditional discharge, a fine, and the state mandated surcharge. He will also be attending a session of the Victim Impact Panel.