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Binghamton Defense Lawyer Tom Jackson Attends Intense 3-day DWI Seminar

Binghamton Criminal Defense Attorney Tom Jackson recently attended the 21st Annual “DWI Means Defend With Ingenuity” Seminar held in Las Vegas, Nevada.  The three-day event featured insight and knowledge into the latest scientific and legal strategies to optimize successful outcomes at trial.

Day one featured general session presentations, a second day of split tracks allowed attendees to select an area of focus or interest, and a third day wrapped up with a choice of multiple workshops for small group, intense, and focused learning in desired areas of interest.

Topics covered in this intense DWI defense seminar included:

  1. The ABC's of DUI: EtG, UA, IID & SCRAM
  2. The Hidden Treasures of Brady
  3. The Use of SFST Tests for Drug Impairment
  4. Rule 702 - Daubert & Melendez-Diaz Issues You Need to Know for FST's
  5. Serious Injury/Death Cases - Playing Offense and Defense with Expert Witnesses
  6. Forensic Analysis of Accident Cases: Determination of Speed at Impact and Sight Distance
  7. Forensic Toxicology Case Evaluation: Understanding Your Data
  8. Crossing the BLAT Technician
  9. DRE Protocol and Crossing the DRE Officer
  10. Cross-Examination of the FST Officer with a Purpose
  11. Case Law Update
  12. SFST's - A Review
  13. DUI Trial Tips & Tricks to Take Home
  14. Closing Arguments- Feeling the Doubt
  15. Case Review: Bring Your Case
  16. Opening Statements to Sway the Jurors
  17. Courtroom Technology and Ethics
  18. How to Try Your First DUI
  19. Apps, Office Technology & Automation

Tom was joined by 600 of his colleagues from around the country to learn and share with the best-of-the-best DWI defense lawyers in the nation.  He looks forward to bringing the knowledge garnered at the seminar to his firm and clients throughout the Greater Binghamton area.